Our very own Miss Jenna is currently in New York auditioning. We spoke with her last week to get an update on her experience. We are so proud of Miss Jenna for going after her dream.

How many auditions have you been to so far?

I have been to 4 auditions so far. One for a modern company and 3 musical theater auditions; On the Town (Broadway), Chicago (Broadway) and Joseph… (National Tour).

What time do you have to arrive? How long do they last?
I always like to arrive at least an hour before the audition is supposed to start so that if there is a list, I can sign up as soon as possible. The auditions vary in duration depending on if they are equity auditions (union only), typing (pick performers to stay and audition based solely on their head shot and resume) or if they are seeing everyone. I’ve been to one audition where they took all the non-equity head shots and decided by that alone if they wanted to see you dance and I’ve been to one audition that lasted 9 hours.

What do you have to prepare?
You have to prepare 2 songs that fit the style of the show. You usually sing 16 bars but sometimes they ask for it to be cut down to only 8 bars (about 20 seconds).

What do you have to wear?
You want to wear something that will show off your lines and also fits with the style of the show. You also want to  wear something that will make you standout from everyone else. For example, I wore a bright teal top with shorts and a black skirt to my audition yesterday.

How many people are there?
Normally there are 200-600 girls at every audition. Some auditions are looking to fill one role from all those people.

How do you keep your nerves in check?
I keep my nerves calm by listening to music while I’m waiting so I’m in my own zone.

What’s it like when they call your name?
How you feel when they call your name depends on if you want your name called or not. Some auditions if they call your name that means you are released (cut). Some auditions it’s the other way around, when your name is called it means you get to stay for another round of auditions. It is such a feeling of relief and excitement all at the same time!

Any fun facts or unique experiences so far?
Tip: you do not need to show up ready if you are planning to get there an hour ahead of time. Its better to do your hair and make-up there so you can get there early and have fresh hair and make-up for your audition.

Fun fact: Head shots are HUGE. Since at some auditions they only look at head shots you want yours to be a great representation of your personality and have a special element about it that catches the casting director’s attention.¬†


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